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To promote the sustainable development of the Lake Wairewa and Southern Bays catchments, plan, fund, develop and establish facilities which contribute to the social, cultural, environmental or economic wellbeing of residents or visitors to that area'.




MPI Compliance Investigator called in yesterday.

It is suggested less hours and fewer days.
I have suggested, and at this stage acceptable to MPI.
10:00am till 2:00pm for scheduled collection visits.

Orchards/Nurseries/Farms ARE allowed to continue operating nationwide as part of food chain. Those with under 5 staff an NOT required to register @ this juncture

CHESKIN – new protocols

1/ Fruit and produce is for locals, the immediate Cooptown/Little River/Birdlings Flat communities and Akaroa/Peninsula regulars.
2/ MAXIMUM TWO people outside shop at one time, ZONE clearly marked with cones and collection table. Park your vehicle close to the collection table to make carrying to your car easier.
3/ 2m+ social distancing will be ensured. The table is 4m from the shop.
4/ ALL customers collecting PRE ORDERS will be asked to alcohol gel.
5/ NO INDIVIDUAL PRESELECTION of fruit and produce will occur, unlike in a supermarket fresh produce is exposed to many hundreds of hands and those misting curtains attract potentially infected human droplets from thousands passing by. I was informed by a supermarket supervisor trolley handles were only able to be cleaned once a day by night staff…hmmmm.
6/ ALL produce orders will be preassembled with no casual customer contact – direct from BULK. (As in grower and market crates direct from producer.) DAY and Times for collection will be prearranged (prefer a 30 minute window). Current wholesale customers will notice no changes.
7/ ALL Swappacrates will be water blasted and disinfected prior to refilling. A visiting microbiologist also added the importance of surfaces drying quickly to further kill the virus particles.
8/ Orders can be prepaid online – CONTACTLESS (as nearly all hamper customers have been doing since last year) and EFTPOS (as a last resort an extension cable to the eftpos can provide distance, with keypad regularly disinfected) will be discontinued. NO CASH.
9/ No casual “drop in” Customers are being solicited, but the various produce hampers as instigated April 2019 seem even more appropriate in the current environment, and new Peninsula customers are being catered for with acceptance of these conditions.
10/ Upon arrival and collection additional product items may be requested and added to the hampers from my stock.
11/ Elderly, people with mobility issues, or those with no internet or mobile phone may telephone
325 1960 – this is a virtual number which will divert to my cellphone.
Here you can describe what you desire, from there your order can be assembled, a time arranged, and the crate placed IN your vehicle.
A very limited delivery service already exists and will continue. $5 fee.
10/ This service will be conducted until instructed otherwise
11/ CONTACT: as below
Txt 021 568 224

Please do not use Marketplace, Viber, whatsapp and messenger platforms – these do not integrate well and complicate collation of orders

12/ Standard combo’s: staples will continue with new products introduced weekly.
$30 mixed fruit and veg. Ideal for singles and perhaps elderly
$60 50:50 fruit and veg, with options for 1/3 2/3 either way
$90 50:50 fruit and veg, with options for 1/3 2/3 either way

Bespoke hampers catered for. But more specifically, please advise what you do NOT desire in yours.

BONUS GIFTS: since we cannot sell our bulk fruit to the travelling public, I have reluctantly dumped some, but continue to pick some peaches, plums, apples and pears.
$30 orders will receive a gift of 1.5kg bag of orchard fresh fruit
$60 packs will receive a 4.5kg bag…and
$90 big hampers will receive 2 x 4.5kg bags…
…. to munch on, devour, preserve or stew up as you wish.

First and foremost, keep safe, committed, united, supportive, compassionate, patient and understanding in these new and altering difficult times.




Copyright © 2012 by Bryan Morgan for the Little River-Wairewa Community Trust