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To promote the sustainable development of the Lake Wairewa and Southern Bays catchments, plan, fund, develop and establish facilities which contribute to the social, cultural, environmental or economic wellbeing of residents or visitors to that area'.

Big Ideas

Town Planning16 August – Wednesday   – BIG IDEAS VILLAGE PLAN MEETING in the Meeting Room atBig Ideas 1 the Little River Service Centre at 6.00pm.

You are welcome  to attend the meeting for further in depth development of ideas and progress of what will be our future Village Centre after the recent   submission to the Christchurch City Council by the Little River Wairewa Community Trust.  Agenda for tonight’s meeting here

For further information or any enquiries please contact Alex Lee phone 3251 002 or mobile 021 0833 4646


Members of  the Little River Wairewa Community Trust put a lot of energy into making a presentation to put a submission  into the CCC Annual Plan Process for the Town Centre Plan for Little River.  This includes  a Community Facility, a Medical Facility and a Freshwater decontamination/wastewater unit.Big Ideas 1

 Mac Burch the Chairman and supporters travelled into Christchurch to present this.  This Monday 12 June at 1pm Mac will update the Banks Peninsula Community Board on progress.  This meeting will be held in Akaroa.

Updates of progress and contact name  of Groups that will need to be formed to progress the many projects that will be needed to fulfil this plan  will be posted here for your information.

View the Submission presentation here

Please contact  Robert (Chair) –  Landline 03 3251 233  or Cell 027 3355 233 or Barb (Secretary),  027 313 2287 or  03 3290947  if you have any queries or would like to be involved.  Barb and Mac run a drop in Session in the Meeting Room of the Little River Service Centre each Tuesday between 10 and 12 noon.  You are welcome to call in and see them.

Town Planning – Minutes LRVPC 27 July 2017

Town Planning – LRVPC Plans

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