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Little River Jiu Jitsu Club

Ji Itsu

LITTLE RIVER JIU JITSU CLUB – Thursday  – 4.30pm for juniors and 6.30pm for seniors and it’s back to the beginning ideal for new comers.  Contact Mario Downes 3251132 or 022 4249227 for further details.


Jiu Jitsu is a very old Japanese martial art originally developed for hand to hand combat in battle and has changed and evolved over the centuries.  In the heat of battle the sword was the firs port of call for the samurai and hand to hand combat second.  Now in todays world a lot of the traditional technique is still practiced along with technique to suit more modern times.

Jiu Jitsu is an ancient art that is making a huge come back around the world.

Do you want to defend yourself against a bigger and stronger opponent?

Are you able to defend yourself against weapons and or multiple attackers?

Are you in a position to defend a friend or family member if needs be?

Can you be fitter, stronger and have  more flexibility?

How about learning something new in a safe and fun environment while gaining more self confidence?

We have an approach towards teaching the juniors orientated around being conscious around bullying, how to stop it and build the confidence to stand up for themselves.


Our mission is to serve the community to be stronger and safer by providing families and individuals with a fun, clean, safe and harmonious environment in which to learn Jiu Jitsu.

We are dedicated o providing the highest level of instructional standards to help you achieve your goals in Jui Jitsu and life.

We welcome everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical limitations to take a journey with us towards a positive and healthy life.


Copyright © 2012 by Bryan Morgan for the Little River-Wairewa Community Trust