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To promote the sustainable development of the Lake Wairewa and Southern Bays catchments, plan, fund, develop and establish facilities which contribute to the social, cultural, environmental or economic wellbeing of residents or visitors to that area'.



to  15 October. The Department of  Conservation gives notice of walkways that are closed for lambing.  Port Levy Saddle to Mount Herbert Shelter.  Monument Track to Mount Herbert Shelter.  Diamond Harbour (top road) to Herbert Shelter. Orton Bradley to Mount Herbert Shelter,  Gebbies Pass to Packhorse Kaituna  to the Packhorse Hut and Port Levy Saddle to the Rod Donald Hut remain open during lambing). Port Robinson Walkway Pigeon bay Track is closed from 15 July to 30 November.  Andy Thompson. DOC Operation Manager –  Phone 03 3419100



packhorse-hut-565This is a bookable serviced nine-bunk hut in the Christchurch Banks Peninsula area.  Easy access from the Kaituna Valley means this hut is suitable for small children and family groups.

Seasonal restrictions

Packhorse Hut is on the Summit Walkway, which is closed for lambing from 8 August – 15 October each year.

Year-round access to the hut is possible via the Packhorse Hut Track.

2 hours one way

Difficulty – Advanced





Enjoy magnificent views over Banks Peninsula, the Canterbury Plains, Southern Alps and Pacific Ocean on this tramp about an hours drive from Christchurch. 35km one way.  No dogs.  Te Ara Pataka/Summit Walkway links Gebbies Pass in the Lyttelton Crater  to Hilltop in the Akaroa Crater.  It follows a long high ridgeline that includes Mr Herbert/Te Ahu Patiki, the highest point on Banks Peninsula. The track can be completed aas a one-way walk most of the year (part of the track is closed  during lambing).  Return walks to Packhorse Hut via Kaituna Valley Road, and to Rod Donald Hut via Port Levy Saddle are possible year round.  Read More

2-3 Days

Difficulty – Advanced


rod-donald-hut-565ROD DONALD HUT

Port Levy Saddle to Rod Donald Hut

Time: 50 min
Distance: 2.5 km 

From Port Levy Saddle car park, cross Western Valley Road and follow the marked track along the ridgeline. Keep an eye out for markers – the track departs from the wider farm vehicle track from time to time.

The side-track to Rod Donald Hut is signposted at the distinctive stooped totara trees on Waipuna Saddle. The hut is a 25 min (1 km) walk off the main Summit Walkway track. Follow the marked farm track down through grassland, then turn and descend through gorse and regenerating natives.

The Rod Donald Hut is on private land belonging to the Rod Donald Banks Peninsula Trust and protected by a QEII covenant.

Mountain biking is allowed on this section.


Montgomery Park Scenic Reserve

Time: 10 min return to tōtara tree, 2 hr return to Rocky Peak

Drive to Hilltop on the Akaroa Highway then turn along the Summit Road for 2 km to a small area at the side of the road where you can park.  An outstanding feature of this reserve is a huge forked lowland tōtara which may be 2,000 years old and measures 8.5 metres around its trunk. The Totara Tree is approximately 10 minutes walk into the track.

The track winds up steadily through forest and then north through open grasslands and regenerating bush.

Good views are possible from this section of track. The track then turns and climbs steeply up a gap in the bluffs, over boulders. It reaches open tussock tops before eventually climbing onto ‘Rocky Peak’, with views of the peninsula and Akaroa Harbour.

This track is part of the longer Port Levy to Montgomery Park Scenic Reserve –  Summit Walkway

TE OKA BAY RESERVE  – Track to Te Oka and Tumbledown Bays – Please follow red markers and be aware of stoTe Oka Bay Hut 1ck.  From Little River drive up Kinloch Road to Bossu Road at the top of the hill.  Road narrow but tarsealed.  At the T  intersection at the top with Bossu Road you will find the start of the walk just to the right.

Distance 6 K’s – walking time 1 hour and 30 minutes  down hill through Farmland and Bush to Te Oka Bay and Tumbledown Bay.  Best to arrange a car to pick you up from the Beach otherwise another two and half hours back up the hill to your car.  There is a sign to say whether the track is open or closed..

There is a private hut and cottage available to rent in Te Oka Bay. Te Oka Bay Hut –  Set on a working farm basic but comfortable.

Te Oka Bay Cottage
Our cottage sits in a mature garden overlooking a quiet stream. Wake to the sounds of Bellbirds and Wood Pigeons. Take a visit to one of the safe swimming beaches to swim/fish or explore. Head off out on the farm and explore our native bush.
Contact Glenys & Mark. Phone 03 3251 962


3 hours return.  A walk up to the look out through open grass land.  Lovely on a clear day.  Go through the cattle Shute and follow the fence line up to the top. Track is usually mown.  Amazing 360 degree views from the rocky  out crop at the top.

Get there from Little River from Kinloch Road, along Bossu Road past Reynolds Valley Road. Just on the start down you will  see the Cattle Yards on the left.  Parking on the right.

Best on a clear day.

Avoid going in low cloud.


1 hour return

Take track to left through bush then come back through the centre of the Peninsula on return.  This is a sacred Maori site, please walk with respect and refrain from eating.

Interesting volcanic geological rocks and wonderful views over the harbour Once was the Site of a Maori Pa.

Avoid at high tide.

To get there go to Duvauchelle Hotel.  Either park there in car park or take road past the wharf and park under the trees before road turns to go around past the Sawmill.



Kaituna WalkTE ARA PATIKI  COVENANT– 2-3hour return. Walk from Kaituna Valley over private covenant land of regenerating native bush.  The track follows the Kaituna Stream up to the Summit Road Walkway.

The forests, scrublands and bluff communities on the Te Ara Patiki Covenant represent the full range of plant communities that occupied Banks Peninsula before European arrival.  In future the landowners wish to provide an area close to Christchurch, with a wide variety of native plants and native birds for educational and recreational purposes.

Access is a privilege on this private property.  Please treat with respect.  NO DOGS ALLOWED

To get there.  Follow Kaituna Valley Road to the end of the road.  Park at the  Private Property Sign and walk on.

Pigeon Bay WalkPIGEON BAY WALKWAY- 14k’s return via same track.   4-5 hour walk Easy Walk along a Farm Track.    No dog access.  Seasonal  restrictions – Pigeon Bay Walkway is closed from 15 July to 30 November each year for lambing.

Very Little Shade.  Take Sunhat and Water, jacket.

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