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To promote the sustainable development of the Lake Wairewa and Southern Bays catchments, plan, fund, develop and establish facilities which contribute to the social, cultural, environmental or economic wellbeing of residents or visitors to that area'.



Update29 September – Saturday – WAIREWA AND LITTLE RIVER HEALTH HUI – 10am to 12 noon at the Little River Community Centre.

Thank you Wairewa for accommodating our Health Hikoi into your community. We come as a collective to demonstrate to the community the various Health supports that you may wish to utilize. Podiatrist Pharmacist Oral Education Screen South Nurse Maude Rapuora Nurse Cate Grace Bikes Kidney Health NZ The Arthritis Foundation.  We hope the health benefits will be of use to you and enable community members to bring their families to support their health and well-being needs.  Read more here

One thing I would like to point out is our Mobile Pharmacist suggested that whanau members that come to see him are they able to being their medication. Brendan can do a check and oversee that the medication is appropriate. Also, Brendan does blood pressure checks and can also administer flu vaccinations to people over 18 years of age.

Other services include diabetes checks, kidney health checks.  Contact details: Christina Mobile: 021 537097.  or Kirstin Dingwall-Okoye:, Mobile: 0275577372

6Art Classes March – Tuesdays at 7.30pm to 9.30pm.  ART CLASSES – Develop your skills  in Drawing and Painting using a range of mediums.

Starting 6 March

The first set of classes will be focused on Portraits, learning proportion, perspective, observation, light, tone and colour.


To register for classed and/or for more information email or message her via Facebook.

 THE BONE DUDE’S BONE CARVING STUDIO bone-carving-studio 11 Poranui Beach Rd in Birdlings Flat is a “HANDS ON” carving studio, where you can make your own unique Bone Carving with a little help, in 3 hours or less.

No previous carving experience needed, just bring a sense of adventure and CASH!!!

Bookings are essential.

Session are limited to a maximum of 8 people but there’s no minimum, If it’s just you, that’s cool.

Phone  03-329 0947

david-at-work-300wDAVID IRVING – ARTIST design illustration artwork drawings and paintings.  Little River, New Zealand

Have retired to my art room and therefore am available again for art services as above. Pencil drawings water colours or digital media using photoshop etc.  Also art tuition.

Check my website for a few hundred examples. Cartoon work also. So if it’s a company logo or a gift for a friend or family member PM me or pop in for a chat. My art is better than my jokes.







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