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To promote the sustainable development of the Lake Wairewa and Southern Bays catchments, plan, fund, develop and establish facilities which contribute to the social, cultural, environmental or economic wellbeing of residents or visitors to that area'.

Youth Activities


EPHEMERAL ART COMPETITION Create an ephemeral art work using what you find at the beach, in the estuary or on the sea that expresses the theme for Seaweek 2020 – ‘Connecting with our seas: Ko au te moana, ko te moana ko au / I am the sea, the sea is me’.

Where: For children & young people within the Canterbury Region only.
When: 16 December 2019 – 10 March 2020
Details: Canterbury Ephemeral Art Competition

There’s something about being a New Zealander… we’re drawn to the beaches and the seas beyond! And there’s nothing better than creating art when at the beach – making sand or driftwood sculptures is such fun – or bringing found objects back from a time at the beach & creating ephemeral art at home! Check out the art some children made back in 2016 on Sumner beach:

Once you have created the art work, photograph it and send it in using the form link below. Entry is free.  Read full article
There will be 1st, 2nd & HC in prizes in these categories:
• Pre-school /ECE
• Years 1-4
• Years 5-8
• Years 9-13

1. Entries close at 5.00pm on Tuesday 10th March 2020
2. All entries must be uploaded using
3. Please enter your details including name, phone number, email address, plus the title of your art work into the online form.
4. Entrants will also need to tick the consent box in the online entry form to give authorisation for photograph(s) to be displayed publicly.
5. Entries are limited to 6 entries per ECE or school class, or 2 per person if entering as an individual.
6. All entries will be judged anonymously.
7. Judging will take place between 12-18th March with the winners notified shortly after. Winning entries will be displayed from the 20-29 March at the EnviroHub in The Kiosk at The Christchurch Botanic Gardens as well as via Seaweek & Youth Engagement and Education Facebooks.
8. If two people work on an art work together, and enter jointly, any prize received will have to be shared
9. Entries must be entirely the work of the entrant(s)
10. The competition is open to anyone except the judges & organiser of the competition.

Free. All entries must be uploaded using this form. Contact with any queries.


Easel-ly-Arty-3-2019-1024x764Easel-ly Arty for the 8 year pluses is on again very soon. We did have a couple of highly enthusiastic and talented 6 year olds at our last workshop, so do enquire if you’ve a youngster that’s keen to join us.

I’m very pleased to welcome Georgia Shearer-Schulz to our ACAC family. A highly experienced and innovative children’s art teacher, she is picking up our children’s classes from the wonderful Hilary Manson.

Our first workshop with Georgia will be all about self portraits to be held on the 4 and 5 January – lots of fun drawing themselves and each other.$70 for two classes, $45 for one. Registration form available from me or on our website  Lesley 021 527184


Term 4 2019 Timetable14 October  – 20 December  – F’Aerial Arts Circus School – Term 4 Classes for Kids and Adults – Wednesdays, Little River Community Centre

Kids (5-10 years):         4.15-5.15pm
Youth (11+ years):        5.15-6.15pm
Adults:                          6.30-7.30pm
Term Fees: Kids/Youth $150 – Adults $200 (payment plans available)
Please contact Treesa Green to enrol: 021 278 1289  Facebook: F’Aerial Arts Circus School

October Holiday Programme30 September to 11 October – Kukupa Clay and Crafts October School Holiday Programme.  All materials included.  Early bookings essential.  Ages 6- 13 years.  Spaces available in the following workshops.

30 September – Monday – Pottery –  All day or half day Pottery dragons, Clowns and Fantasy fish

1 October – Tuesday.    Pottery – all day or half day.  Jack meets Santa (Halloween and Christmas)

3 October – Thursday –  Mosaics Madness – 9.30-12.30  – If you like the sound of mixing concrete and tiles smashing this is for you.

4 October – Friday – Soft Sculpture –  9.30-12.30  Design and sew your own fun felt food and animal sculpture

9 October –  Wednesday – DIY Camp Cooking 9.30-12.30 –  Spend the morning outdoors preparing, cooking and eating yummy camp food.

9 October – Wednesday –  1-4pm – Birding Trip to Lake Ellesmere/Kaitorete Spit with guest tutor Steve Attwood. for 9 – 13 year olds).  A conservation and biodiversity trip where we will travel almost the full length of Kaitorete Spit to see many endangered and native species.

10 October – Thursday –  9.30-12.30.  Minecraft Mania – What could be more fun a Morning making minecraft cookies, Chocolate, Slime and much more.

11 October – Friday – Glazing Pottery 9.30-12.30

Here is the link to the registration form  Half Day 9.30am to 12.30pm or 1pm to 4pm $30.00 per child.  Full day 9.30am to 4.00pm $60.00 per child.  Venue Okuti Valley Hall, Okuti Valley Road. All enquiries and bookings to Alyson Aisiable  email  Phone 021 052 1930.

School Holiday Timetable Oct 2019F’Aerial Arts Circus School – Holiday Classes for Kids at the Little River Community Centre

All levels welcome – a great way to have a go before committing to the full term!
Enquiries/bookings to Treesa Green Phone 021 278 1289 email
Monday 30th September:   Kids (5-10 years)     3.00-4.30pm     $20
                                                        Youth (11+ years)    4.30-6.00pm      $20
Monday 7th October:             Kids (5-10 years)     3.00-4.30pm      $20
                                               Youth (11+ years)    4.30-6.00pm      $20

The Great Kuru Cpunt20 – 29 September – THE GREAT KERURU COUNT –   Join in the fun and make a difference.  20 September to 29 September

The Great Kererū Count is NZ’s biggest citizen science project. This project depends on as many people as possible getting out and about gathering data on kererū. Each year the number of people taking part grows, and last year kererū were voted Bird of the Year, proving just how much New Zealanders love kererū.

Everyone in New Zealand can get involved with the Great Kererū Count. Whether you see any kererū or not, sharing observations will help build up a clearer picture of where kererū live, how many kererū there are or aren’t, what they are feeding on, and most importantly how best to protect them. So far New Zealand citizen scientists have contributed to a total of 34,961 observations. In another few years, Aotearoa will have a statistically robust open-source data set on kererū. This data will be used by scientists at Victoria University of Wellington and elsewhere to improve conservation outcomes for kereru.

Term 4 2019 Timetable14 October  – 20 December  – F’Aerial Arts Circus School – Term 4 Classes for Kids and Adults – Wednesdays, Little River Community Centre

Kids (5-10 years):         4.15-5.15pm
Youth (11+ years):        5.15-6.15pm
Adults:                          6.30-7.30pm
Term Fees: Kids/Youth $150 – Adults $200 (payment plans available)
Please contact Treesa Green to enrol: 021 278 1289  Facebook: F’Aerial Arts Circus School

GEMSTONE AND FOSSIL MUSEUM,  Birdlings Flat. Open 7 days a week.  Fascinating.  Gold Coin Donation. Contact Vince Burke Phone 03 329 0812.

Requests (2)REQUESTS – MOVIE AND MEAL MATCH – at Bernadette’s Retreat, 4511 Christchurch to Akaroa Highway, Cooptown, Little River.   
10 seat Boutique Cinema – request your movie and Bernadette will match a meal to go with it.
Bernadette’s Retreat, 4511 Main Road, Cooptown. Phone 3251 154 or 021 257 0592
Bernadette needs two weeks lead time from you booking.

AstronomicDelightsASTRONOMIC DELIGHTS – Join us to view the night sky above Akaroa. Friday & Saturday nights, 8.00pm-10.00pm. 10 inch Newtonian telescope. Heritage Park, 10 mins drive from Akaroa. Check with us for times and conditions, phone Craig on 027 3000 547.  Dress warm.  Charges: Children $5.  Adults when accompanied by a child are FREE. Children under 15 are free,  (in other words everyone is FREE)  phone 027 3000 547

 learningCHRISTCHURCH EVENTS APP NOW HAS LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. Help spread the concept of endless opportunity to children and young people!  How you can help To promote the app/website widely by distributing this information to:

  1. Young people, parents, teachers through your local networks
  2. Learning opportunity providers– asking them to upload the information themselves on to the website
  3. If you know of any local events or opportunities, please distribute and promote as appropriate

To download your free app, click here.


Enjoy a nice easy bike ride along the old railway tracks from town to Little River.

Stop off at Birdlings Flat, visit the Gemstone Museum and collect gems from the beach.

Finish up at the old Train Station at Little River and have a well deserved drink at one of the local cafes (dad’s shout!)

Little River Camp Ground

LITTLE RIVER CAMP GROUND – is now open for the season.  Come and have a night camping or day passes to enjoy the bush and walks are available.  The Kowhai Trees are in full bloom at present and the trees are alive with bird life.

For enquiries phone Marcus 3251 014 or email


 SWIMMING – LITTLE RIVER SCHOOL POOL – Parents and Community can get keys via the school office.  You are required to sign a form (available from the school office or by email) and pay$75.00.  This includes a $20.00 bond if key returned at end of season.  Keys should not be shared and non key holders should not be swimming.

Scary Slippery MudslidesSCAREY SLIPPERY MUDSLIDES AND THE BIG SWING – $5.00 Per Child and $5.00 per caregiver (Required). Ages 5 to 13years.The Little River Camp Ground opens for kids who like the outdoors. Will our slides scare you? Come and find out. The Scarey Slippery slides are fast and you 80m in 5 seconds. They are back to basics fun, made out of plastic with water running down a steep slope. You go really fast and may even get a bit of “air time”. We recommend wetsuits which keep you warmer and make you go even faster. Try our Scary Giant Swing as well.

Get your friends together and visit the Little River Campground for a fun afternoon. It is a perfect wet weather activity. You could even stay in one of the cosy cabins and explore the native habitat including a 500-year-old tree. A quick hot shower is available for $2.00. Bring warm clothes, hot food and drink to keep you cosy, as you will get wet.

For a quick hot shower, the cost is $2.00. Bring a change of clothes and towel. 1pm to 3pm during Kids Fest.

For enquiries phone Marcus 3251 014 or email


THE CREATIVE DREAMING TRUST is Open for funding Applications.  Created after Kaite Hansen’s death, this is open for applications.  Throughout her life Kaite was a very creative person. She had a passion for arts, which inspired the dream to create a trust to help support children and young adults on Banks Peninsula to attain  their goals in any of the arts.  The Creative Dreaming Trust is open to consider applications from individuals for funding to help further their participation in  their chosen field.  Please apply to Pam Baird on 03 3251 917 or for further information and application form.





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