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Junior Gymnastics


We have had another successful gym season for 2014. Our coach Joey was available early on but her pregnancy didn’t allow her to continue coaching for the remainder of the season. We hope to welcome Joey back next season with her new baby and Louis. Jody Tuckwell did a great job coaching the preschool group again this year and the kids respond well to his fun personality! We were fortunate to get a grant for some new gym equipment which will be arriving soon and ready for next season. We also hope to install some rings to complement the new bar. This will help build upper body strength in our little gymnasts.  Thanks to CCC and the small grants fund for helping us out! We also had a grant from the Da Latham Trust for $750 which helped to pay for the hall hire and keep the gymnastics group ticking along. Thanks to Bill Latham who administers the trust and makes the decision each year on who to fund. Things improved greatly when the container arrived giving us  somewhere to store the gym equipment. Thanks to the LR School support group for making this possible.  The LR Hotel also gave us a donation which we used to purchase stickers! Thanks Cathy and Mark. The Little River Wairewa Community Trust have been very helpful and have administered the grant money for us. Much of the equipment has been kindly loaned from Little River School but we are slowly building up items of equipment.

We charge a $3.00 fee for the preschool class and $5 per child for the two later sessions for primary children 5-10yrs  (but require payment at the start of each term). This fee will enable us to provide the volunteers with petrol vouchers, purchase certificates and other small items to provide children with a record of their achievements. In fairness to those on the waiting list, we ask that if you are unable to continue that you inform us as soon as possible.


The lessons are about: having fun, being with friends, learning new skills, giving children a sense of achievement and building confidence. Our curriculum is based on resources developed by Gym Sports New Zealand. The under 5 age group work from a course called Play Gym and the over 5 age groups work from a course called Gym Fun. The lessons will consist of a warm-up & stretches, fundamental movement patterns (FMP) for skill development and a warm down.

For more information or to book a child on to the program please phone Alison Evans: 3251 336.


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