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To promote the sustainable development of the Lake Wairewa and Southern Bays catchments, plan, fund, develop and establish facilities which contribute to the social, cultural, environmental or economic wellbeing of residents or visitors to that area'.

Fire Service Cadets


Emergency Service training for 10-16 year old youths. We train in Fire Safety, Rescue, First-Aid, Civil Defence, and bush craft. We are a non profit organisation wanting to train young people and get them into Volunteering.

Who Can Join

Children can join when the enter Year 5 at school or when they are 10 years old. Cadets can leave at 16 but are welcome to stay on and help as leaders.


Our mission is to train 10-16 year old young people in Fire Safety, First-Aid, Civil Defence, Bush Craft, Rescue, Drill, Discipline and Leadership. We hope from this we will encourage younger people into participating in their community and in Volunteering in general. Being involved will give them a sense of pride and belonging in their community. If we want our young people to act like young adults we have to treat them as such. Giving them a part in running a community will help them understand why some things work the way they do and give them the opportunity to influence some of those decisions.


Founded by members of the Little River Volunteer Fire Brigade in an effort to recruit young people and to bridge the gap between generations through direct involvement with each other.

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