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To promote the sustainable development of the Lake Wairewa and Southern Bays catchments, plan, fund, develop and establish facilities which contribute to the social, cultural, environmental or economic wellbeing of residents or visitors to that area'.

Community Notices

CCC LogoThe Christchurch City Council is currently seeking feedback on a range of topics related to the Natural Environment including The City’s Natural Environment, River, lakes, streams and estuaries, Biodiversity and Climate Change.  All answers given will be made anonymous so no one will be identify.

Your feedback will help inform decision making as continue to develop Christchurch into a great place where people want to be – both  now and in the future.  To give feedback, click on the “Give Feedback Now” button at the bottom of  this email.  We want to hear from as many people as possible, from all communities throughout the city.  Please pass the web address to your friends, family/whanau and work colleagues so they can tell us what they think!  Follow the link here for the survey.  For further information and results of previous surveys go

Dog Registration Fees – The Cost of registering your dog will go up by $2.00 from 1 July. The increase means those with responsible dog ownership status who register their dog before July 1 will have to pay $59 for their first dog and $41 for each of their other dogs. More information can be found here

AKAROA, LYTTELTON & BANKS PENINSULA OFFICIAL VISITOR GUIDE – The Akaroa, Lyttelton and Banks Peninsula Official Visitor Guide is  found in Little River at the Little River  Information Station, at the Little River Challenge Service Station, Little River Service Centre and at many of our local business.  A number of our local business promote themselves in it but it would be great to have more support from the Little River area.  The Akaroa District Promotions are wanting to gauge whether there is enough interest to produce the next 2018/19 Visitor Guide.  Please read the following from Hollie Hollander, Executive Officer,  Akaroa District Promotions and take part in the survey at the end of her notice.  You can contact Hollie  at

The Akaroa, Lyttelton & Banks Peninsula Official Visitor Guide (OVG) is the DLE sized brochure that can be found in the box outside the Akaroa 4 Square and various locations in Akaroa.  It is the official visitor guide for our district and has a wide distribution across New Zealand, particularly the South Island.  The existing 2017 guide was produced by Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism and published by Beck & Caul.  60,000 copies were printed in March 2017.

Beck & Caul distribute 85% of the guides to i-SITEs and travel wholesalers/agents and VisitorPoint distribute them also to many locations.  The cost to distribute the guides with VisitorPoint is $405 plus GST per month plus a monthly fee for the extra guides that go out on request.

This distribution cost has been paid for by Akaroa District Promotions since Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism ceased to distribute the guide at the end of June 2018.  VisitorPoint distribute the OVG to locations in:

  • Central South Island
  • Christchurch 1 areas
  • Christchurch 2 areas (Transport)
  • Christchurch Airport
  • Kaikoura & Hanmer Springs
  • South Canterbury.

Akaroa District Promotions want to know if there is enough interest to reproduce the next 2018/2019 guide. Please can you click on this short survey with Survey Monkey to let us know if you are interested in advertising in the guide, either as a current advertiser or a new advertiser?  The cost in the survey is a guide only and based on last year’s figures.

Here is the link to the Survey:

REVISED TIME FRAME FOR PLANNING OF THE MISTY PEAKS RESERVE AND TE OKA RESERVE MANAGEMENT PLANS – A notice to let you know of a revised timeframe for planning the Misty Peaks Reserve and Te Oka Reserve Management Plans, as follows:

Ø  October 2018 – Proposed Banks Peninsula Community board approval for public release of the draft management plans and start of public consultation

Ø  December 2018 – Close of public consultation after three calendar months

Ø  Early 2019 – Hearings

Ø  Mid-2019 – Community Board approval of the draft plans as the operative reserve management plans.

We apologise for the delay. We need more time to make sure we have all the specialist input to develop the draft plans.  Information on the parks and plans for managing them can be found on the Council website by following the links below or searching on the website for each of the parks by name.

Misty Peaks Reserve
Te Oka Reserve

Thank you again for your interest in these reserves. We value your input so far, and look forward to receiving further feedback when we get back to you with the draft management plan for each of these reserves.  Contact Philippa Upton, Christchurch City Council,  Phone 03 941 8808

Generosity New Zealand

For community groups seeking funding, the givUS page can be accessed externally through the library website (log in with your library card number and PIN) –

For individuals seeking funding, givME can be accessed here:

CINCH – Christchurch City Libraries created a database of community information –

It’s a great idea to pop your organisation’s details on here, have a look at other organisations and make sure your details are up to date.

Changes to Alcohol Licence applications

The Christchurch City Council is changing the way alcohol license applications are publicly notified.  Instead of notifying applications in local newspapers (The Press and the Star), public notices will now be published on a dedicated

This is consistent with the requirements of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.  Making this change will mean by consistently advertising all license application public notices on the same webpage, people will know where to go to look for information, including public objection start and end dates for an application.  A history of recent notifications will also be viewable. It will also be easier and less costly for applicants and will assist with managing application processing timelines. Read poster here Alcohol Community Info DL – CON1562 – FINAL

Christchurch City Council – Strengthening Communities Fund

If your organisation needs funding to make things happen in your community applications are now open for the Strengthening Communities Fund.

Applications are invited from not-for profit community groups who contribute to community well-being in the areas of community, social, recreation, sports, arts, environment or heritage.

Applications are accepted from Tuesday 3 April until midnight Tuesday 8 May 2018.

If you missed the info session held in Lyttelton and you would like to hear more about the fund, there will be other sessions held:

  • Monday 23 April, 5.30pm. Beckenham Service Centre, Boardroom, 66 Colombo Street
  • Friday 27 April, 1pm. Te Hapua: Halswell Centre, 341 Halswell Road

For more information visit:  or phone 941 8999

Volunteer Recognition Awards 2018

Volunteering Canterbury welcomes your nominations for this year’s Volunteer Recognition Awards which will be presented at the Civic Offices on Monday 18th June 2018.  These Awards recognise outstanding efforts and achievements by volunteers of all ages and in all sectors. This is a great opportunity to recognise volunteering in your organisation … nominate an individual or a group!  Download a nomination form from the website, , ‘events’, close on Friday 18 May 2018.

For more information, contact

Freedom Camping working group

On Wednesday, Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis announced the members of the working group that will develop solutions to freedom camping issues.

“The working group will provide me with recommendations for improving the way we manage freedom camping in New Zealand and will be made up of nine people from across local government, industry and key central government agencies.  I expect the working group’s recommendations to cover practical actions we can take to support councils ahead of the 2018/19 peak season, as well as any policy or regulatory changes to the freedom camping system that might be required over the longer term.  The working group is expected to have their first meeting by 4 May 2018 and to report to Mr Davis by no later than 31 July 2018 with an outline of their planned work programme and any progress made up to that point.”  The full Terms of Reference are available at:

Temporary Chlorination

Temporary chlorination of the water supply in the Ferrymead and Lyttelton zones will start next week.  The Lyttelton zone covers all the water supply zone for Lyttelton Harbour including Governors Bay and Diamond Harbour, supplying 3,000 properties.  These are the final two zones to receive temporary chlorination following on from the central zone earlier this week. A single well in Wainui, servicing approximately 400 people, will receive temporary chlorination at the end of this month.

Chlorine will need to be added into the water until the Council and public health officials are satisfied the below ground well heads across Christchurch are fully sealed so there is no risk of contamination. Meeting the desired 12 month timeframe to end temporary chlorination will be extremely challenging but staff and contractors  will use best endeavours to meet this date.

For more information, please view the website or read Newsline story via the link:

Streets for People

To find out how to hold your own party, visit or see this Newsline article.

The Country Living Group support Izzy Hoult – National Scholar. Here is an update from her.
Hi everyone
Thank you everyone for your continued support.  For those that don’t know I  successfully auditioned for a place at the New Zealand School of Dance in  Wellington. I am now a National Scholar on their Classical Ballet Programme!
Yeah!!! And this picture was my first day last Saturday.  It was amazing and  I know I have lots of hard work ahead.  I get to travel to Wellington 7  times for lessons throughout the year. I am Level 1 which is beginners at  the school, I also take a Level 2 class and a stretch class. We keep a  journal about our progress and corrections and we are learning about our  bodies, muscles and how to keep ourselves and bodies fit and injury free! I  had the best time and can’t wait until my next visit in March.


Little River Phone DirectoryThe new Little River 20181 Local phone directory is out. This year the proceeds go to the Little River Support group for People with Cancer here in Little River, that covers the area from the Hill Top to Kaituna. We are a group of volunteers that generate funds locally for residents who may have cancer.

We have a small fund which is available to provide some financial support for people with cancer or undergoing treatment by way of donations for petrol, meals and other needs. Inquiries to Fiona Waghorn 3290171 or  Please note we are not part of the Cancer Society their helpline is 0800 226 237.  However we are always looking for volunteers on Daffodil Day (end of August) to make marmalade and help on our stall in Little River.

The Directories are $10 and are available from the Little River Service Centre and the Craft Station for $10.


Long Term Plan13 March -Tuesday LONG TERM PLAN  Forum – Little River Service Centre – Come and talk to us at a community event 6.30pm to 7.30pm.  Have your say events are local, Community Board-led meetings where you can come along and tell us what’s important to you for Little River.  Your feedback at these meetings, forums and drop-ins will be used to develop the local Community Board’s submission on the draft Long Term Plan.

This year we also plan to come to you, at the places people gather. Look out for us at farmers’ markets and Council events. We’ll be there, approaching people and keen to hear your views.  A calendar of these events is available at   Have your say on our long term plan.  0800 800 169

The Stock on Roads Bylaw comes into force from 1 March 2018

New rules for moving stock on or across roads in Christchurch and Banks Peninsula come into effect on 1 March 2018.
The changes are designed to make sure we’re up to date with recent health and safety law changes while also keeping people and livestock safe and protecting our roads from damage.
Essentially we’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible by developing a list of restricted roads — basically all roads in the urban city area and key tourist routes in Banks Peninsula.  If you want to move stock on or across these roads, or move dairy cattle, you need to call us first to discuss it on 941 8999 or 0800 800 169.
There’s also a requirement for farmers to ensure boundary fences will keep stock contained. This is because escaped stock are the leading cause of stock-related traffic accidents.
Otherwise, you should meet the following standard conditions of the Stock on Roads Bylaw 2017, which include the following:
·         Wear high visibility clothing
·         Maintain control over stock·        
 Minimise any disruption to other road users
·         Move stock at a suitable time, ie. Daylight and non-peak traffic.
·         Display temporary warning signs that can be seen from either direction.
·         Use pilot vehicles if you are moving stock more than 300 metres along a road (unless the road is unsealed)
You can find the list of restricted roads and more detail about the conditions and getting an assessment of your stock movement plan on our website  or call 941 8999 or 0800 800 169.

Christine Wilson Resignation from Banks Peninsula Community Board

Christine Wilson has resigned as a member of the Banks Peninsula Community Board, for health reasons. Christine was elected as a member of the Lyttelton-Mt Herbert Community Board in October 2013, and has been the Chairperson of the Banks Peninsula Community Board since October 2016.  Board members and staff wish her all the best and sincerely thank her for the time, care and commitment she has given to the communities of Lyttelton and the wider Banks Peninsula Ward

Heritage Buildings Future Use (including Coronation Library in Little River)

The Council is now inviting applications from individuals, groups and organisations interested in using and/or helping to fund the restoration of 17 Council-owned heritage facilities across the city and Banks Peninsula.

This is a rare opportunity for individuals and groups with a passion for our city’s heritage to indicate their interest in making one or more of these extraordinary heritage buildings a big part of their lives.   You might be a commercial entity interested in leasing and running your business out of one of these unique buildings. Maybe you’re a charitable trust or community group wishing to occupy the building.

You may be able to partially/fully fund its repair and restoration – perhaps in exchange for favourable lease terms or a partnership arrangement with the Council. We welcome all workable proposals that protect these buildings’ heritage values and help get them repaired, restored and reused soon.

From today, the Council is inviting applications from individuals, groups and organisations interested in using and/or helping to fund the restoration of 17 Council-owned heritage facilities across the city and Banks Peninsula.  Most of these buildings are yet to be repaired following the 2010/11 Canterbury earthquakes. We are open to suggestions that will respect and retain these buildings’ heritage values.

They include four metropolitan buildings in the central city:

  • Old Municipal Chambers (Our City O-Tautahi)
  • Thomas Edmonds Band Rotunda
  • Thomas Edmonds Pavilion (currently being repaired)
  • Robert McDougall Art Gallery

There are also 13 local community buildings across the city including these four from Banks Peninsula:

  • Former Lyttelton Borough Council Stables
  • Kukupa Side School
  • Little River Coronation Library
  • Yew Cottage

You can find more information on the buildings at :
Applications close for the four central city buildings on 3 April 2018 and for the rest of the buildings a few days earlier on 29 March 2018. For the local community buildings, a dedicated email address has been set up for any enquiries through the application page.

The biography section at the Little River Library has just been completely refreshed, so come along and have a browse for something new to read. 
If you want to know about the latest biographies coming into Christchurch City Libraries, go to the library website<>, type in ‘biography’ in the search box, and after it has loaded (with about 17,000 entries!), scroll down to the left hand side of the page where it says ‘New To The Library’. You can then select ‘past 7 days’ (or past 30, 60, 90 or 180 days).  Some examples of biographies that have come in over the past 7 days are:

A Glorious Freedom – Older Women Leading Extraordinary Lives by Lisa Longdon

– Member of the Family – My Story of Charles Manson, Life Inside His Cult & The Darkness That Ended The Sixties by Dianne Lake

– Harry & Meghan – A Royal Engagement by Halima Sadat

– Waylon – Tales Of My Outlaw Dad by Terry Jennings

– The Extraordinary Life of AA Milne by Nadia Cohen

– Toast by Nigel Slater (DVD)

– What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami (e book)

– The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher (e book)

– Shepherd of Another Flock – The Charming Tale of a New Vicar in a Yorkshire Country Town by David Wilbourne (talking book).  

And there are many, many more. These can be reserved online using your card number and your pin number. If you need help setting up these numbers, or need information on how to download e books and audio books, please call into Little River Library to see Val Mon-Fri, or Catherine on Saturday mornings. This can also be done at any other branch of the Library, or by calling 941-7923 Mon-Fri 9-8, & Sat/Sun 10-4.Did you know that it’s very easy to find out what new titles are coming into Christchurch City Libraries each month? 

12 February – Monday –  Below please find the link to the Banks Peninsula Community Board Agenda for 12 February.

SUPPORT OFFICERS NEEDED INCLUDING BANKS PENINSULA – Peninsula based job – full time and permanent in Akaroa/Little River.  Vacancy 10463 – Support Officers is now live.  Please click on the link to view –,10463.html  The closing date is Tuesday 21 February 2018.


Water Chlorination Information – Information is available following the Council decision to chlorinate Christchurch water for up to 12 months while bores are made more secure. To learn more about the decision: Newsline. To see frequently asked questions and answers: Frequently Asked Questions . To ask a question email:


Global Football Festival Saturday 17th February 2018 A celebration of Christchurch’s diverse cultural communities coming together through the global game of football. There’ll be food from around the world, fun activities and entertainment for all ages. 12.30pm 2pm – Ages 5-8. 2.30pm 4pm – Ages 9-12. Linfield Park, Kearney’s Road, Linwood

Free entry. For a registration form please contact:


Free Kiwi English Course – Starts after Waitangi Day, 81 Buchan St, Sydenham, Literacy Christchurch. To find out more and register: phone or text 022 697 0478 or email:


Resilience: More than Disaster Management – Monday 29 January, noon – 1pm, Room 204, Wheki building, Canterbury University, Dovedale Avenue. Professor Jose Julio Gonzalez Professor for Information and Communication Technology, University of Agder, Norway will speak about the Smart Mature Resilience research project running across 7 European cities, 4 universities, and government agencies


A message from the team at Ohu Development – Ohu Development has been working with the Lyttelton community to create a building on the Collett’s Corner site (corner London and Oxford Streets) that will be collectively owned by the community it supports. We listened to your ideas for the project, and we would like to thank you for taking the time and giving thought to what we could create on this site. From the many ideas we received, we have identified two possible options Intergenerational and Attraction.

We want to ensure we heard you correctly. We would like to discuss these options in more depth. You can find out more about these options here. We invite initial discussion on our Facebook page, or if you prefer or 027 739 1832. In addition, if you would like to be involved with the project as a whole, or just one aspect of it, we would love to hear from you.

Mural Design Competition Closes 16 February

The Canterbury WEA is calling all Christchurch and Canterbury artists to create a design representing the values, aims and activities of the WEA, and incorporating the words: “Welcome to Lifelong Education here at the WEA”.  Prize is $500. For more information, please contact Daniela by email: or leave a message on 03 366 0285.

Citizens Advice Bureau Needs Volunteers

Training course starts in March. Volunteers answer queries on any matters from consumer rights, to family issues, tenancy and flatting problems, and more. To join the knowledgeable and caring team contact Christchurch Citizens Advice Bureau 0800 367 222 or

Census 2018 will be completed on 6 March 2018

Some information products will be available by the end of April. To subscribe to the information newsletter, check out the English and bi-lingual forms, request more information, or read more, go to:



Prime Ministers Pacific Youth Awards

Applications are open for a range of these awards for 2018, closing Tuesday 6 February. To find out more about the categories, criteria, and previous winners:  Further information also from Melissa Lama

 Community Resilience Partnership Fund

This Council fund is now open to applications from community organisations seeking funds for projects that increase community participation, connectedness, and resilience. The application process requires a brief proposal – to find out more and to apply:

Biodiversity Fund

Council has set aside $200,000 per annum for projects that protect and enhance sites of ecological significance. Applicants can be private landowners or organisations. Up to $40,000 a year can be available for up to 5 years, with grants covering 50% of costs: CCC Biodiversity Fund  Close-off dates for applications are 1 March, 1 May and 1 December 2018.

To stay in touch with the Banks Peninsula Community Board, you can read their newsletter here.


One of Christchurch City Council’s priorities is to improve the quality of our waterways. It’s also a requirement of the Environment Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan.

We are considering a community water partnership programme focused on educating, engaging and empowering communities to help stop contaminants getting into stormwater.

The first step is to identify and understand what motivates people, the barriers to people taking action and the emotional triggers that prompt change. We are now able to reveal the results of a survey done late in 2017 focusing on these areas.

More than 400 people did the survey, and we can see from the results that the community cares about the health of waterways. The vast majority of people (90 per cent) think our waterways are natural assets and 75 per cent describe them as taonga (treasures).

The results also show we have some challenges if we want to improve the quality of our waterways.  While nearly 60 per cent of people who completed the survey said our waterways were in poor or very poor health, only 55 per cent of respondents said they knew where storm water went once it entered the drain network.

What is encouraging is that the vast majority of people are prepared to make lifestyle changes (80% or more) to reduce pollution and 56 percent of those surveyed would be willing to take part in waterways clean-up activities.

Now we’ve got the results, we will work with smaller groups to identify in more detail the activities and behaviours that will best achieve our goal of improving the health of our waterways. Read the full results here:

A close watch is being kept on rainfall levels across Christchurch and Banks Peninsula.

The weather forecast though suggests the rain expected over the next day or two should cause little more than nuisance surface flooding on some low-lying streets around the Avon and Heathcote rivers.

Rain falling on an umbrella.

Between 40 and 60 millimetres of rain is expected to fall in Christchurch over the next couple of days.

Some surface street flooding typically occurs in Christchurch when the city gets more than 40 millimetres of rain within a 24 hour period or if there are sustained heavy down pours in which rain falls at more than a rate of 4 millimetres an hour.

“The current forecast suggests Christchurch and Banks Peninsula can expect between 40 and 60 millimetres of rain over the next couple of days so it is possible we will see some surface street flooding in some pockets of the city,’’ says Christchurch City Council City Services General Manager David Adamson.

Go here for full article.

Public Notices – Intention to prepare a Reserve Management Plan for:  Ōruaka Pā Historic Reserve

15 December 2017.  Notice is given that pursuant to section 41 of the Reserves Act 1977, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu proposes to prepare a reserve management plan for the Ōruaka Pā Historic Reserve, situated on Bossu Road, near Birdlings Flat and Te Roto o Wairewa / Lake Forsyth. The locality plan shows the area to be included in the management plan.

Ōruaka Pā Historic Reserve is a site of cultural significance to Ngāi Tahu, in particular to Wairewa Rūnanga.

Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu invites interested persons and organisations to send written suggestions to assist in the preparation of the draft plan.  Suggestions should be provided by mail or email as follows:

The Administering Body, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu PO Box 13-046 Christchurch 8141, Attention: Aaron Leith, Programme Leader.  Email:

Suggestions will close by 5pm on Friday 9 February 2018.  

puddle-050417-T2-1Christchurch ready for heavy rain and high tide –

With heavy rain forecast for Friday and Saturday – which happens to coincide with higher than normal tides – Christchurch City Council is taking steps to minimise any flooding impact in the city and Banks Peninsula.

Combined with a high tide, the chance of flooding during heavy rain is much greater. We’re keeping a close eye on the forecast, which as we all know can change, but we’re playing it very safe and preparing for a wet and windy couple of days.

Up to 40 millimetres of rain is expected over the city on Friday, with more than 50 millimetres expected over parts of Banks Peninsula and the upper plains. Follow the link below for the full message.…/022411D3317401…


The Christchurch City Council has updated its alcohol licensing website and has a new information brochure for members of the community. We will be looking at getting printed versions of the brochure into service centres and libraries early next year.  Read our brochure: Alcohol Licensing in the Community

Coronation GardenJanuary    – Monday 10 – 12noon.  CORONATION LIBRARY GARDEN MORNING – It is nearly summer and Bruce is busy getting the garden in tip top shape for the Banks Peninsula Show on the 20 January 2018 – Saturday.

if you have an hour or two to come along and help you would be most welcome.

Phone Bruce on 3251 040 to let him know you are coming

20 December – Wednesdays – ECAN AND BANKS PENINSULA WATER ZONE COMMITTEE – “On Wednesday’s, Peninsula residents can drop in to the Little River Service Centre to meet either Geoff Thompson, a Land Management Advisor or a Biodiversity Officer from Environment Canterbury to talk about ECAN and Banks Peninsula Water Zone Committee matters. Geoff will be in the office each Wednesday morning 9am to 1pm. Contact

Little River Phone DirectoryNew Phone Directory –    The Little River Phone Directory is now being revised for release in early 2018 with the proceeds from sales going to the Little River Support Group for People with Cancer.

A draft is at the Service Centre for you to check or add your details.

If you would like to advertise please contact me or ph 3251132 – ads and payment are required before Christmas.

RESTRICTED FIRE SEASON – has been declared from midnight 9 December.   That means a  permit is needed to light a fire in the open air in  those lands encompassed by the CCC (including Banks Peninsula), Selwyn District Council and those lands encompassed by the Hurunui and Waimakariri District Council

Fires that do not require a fire permit in a Restricted Fire Season are:  Gas cooker or gas barbeque and a contained barbeque.

You commit an offence if you knowingly or recklessly light or allow another person to light a fire in the open air in an area that is in a Restricted Fire Season unless under a permit issued by the Fire and Emergency New Zealand and in accordance with the condition of the permit.  Any permits issued during a restricted Fire Season are suspended if Fire and Emergency declare a Prohibited Fire Season or prohibits fire in open air in the area.  Go to or phone 0800658 628 to read more or obtain a permit

CHRISTCHURCH  BIODIVERSITY FUND – This is to announce that information on the Christchurch Biodiversity Fund and associated application form is now available on the Council’s website


Pre-retirement home Little River

Would anyone finding their present home and holding too large but wanting to remain in the Little River community for as long as possible, please phone 03 3434228  for an outline of a proposal for a retirement unit  build at Little River.  Developer is considering a 9 unit development with room for motorhome or caravans on 2ha lifestyle block and is looking for expressions of interest.  Unit sizes 40 and 50m2.  Price is not known yet but is expected to be around $200,000 for a shareholding in the company which will give exclusive use of a unit to the shareholder and the right to locate a caravan/campervan on a site without charge.  Craig Mason, 31 Corsair Drive, Wigram, Christchurch 8042.  Phone 03 343 4228. email

Little River CalandarLittle River Calendar for 2018 now available at the Little River Craft Station, showcasing our beautiful Peninsula with locally taken photographs.  To purchase please call in at the Craft Station or email 

Costing $20.00 these make an ideal present for Christmas for your friends and family or just have one for yourself.

Future of HeritageTHE FUTURE OF HERITAGE – Following on from the update earlier this month, we would like to keep you informed of progress on the Future of Heritage Project.  The Council’s project team, in partnership with Ngai Tahu, are preparing a draft Heritage Strategy based on the information which ou share with us in May/June, as well as an implementation plan to make the strategy relevant, meaningful and accessible for the whole community.  To read more go here

Enviroment canterburyThe summary notes, presentations and example documents from Event 4 are now loaded at the Environment Canterbury website. Here is the link  You can also search on “networking for the environment” at the ECan home page. If you prefer to be emailed the summary notes, then please let me know.

Below is a  survey to get a steer for next year’s 4 events, so PLEASE take a few minutes to fill it out. Also, an updated contact list will be sent when I figure out how to best protect the information. If you have any suggestions please let me know and if you don’t want your email address provided to the rest of the group, then please let me know that too.  Thank you for a great year.  Ngā mihi,

NETWORKING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT IN GREATER CHRISTCHURCH – We are running a survey and would love to have your input.  Please let us know what you think.



Water 1Join your local water zone committee.   If you want to help deliver the community’s goals for water, then join your local water zone committee now.   Canterbury’s water zone committees are looking for new members to help ensure new perspectives are reflected.
The committees are currently focused on improving freshwater quality and biodiversity values, protecting drinking water supplies, encouraging sustainable farming practices, and enhancing recreational opportunities and cultural values.

The committees are looking for people who can see others’ points of view and work collaboratively to find solutions for water challenges.

Check out the stories below from current members and find out wai they care or visit waiwecare before 8 October to let us know why you care.  To read the stories from current members go here

Get Ready9 -15 October –  It’s Get Ready Week  and this year’s theme is Stay Safe, Stay Informed.

Emergencies can happen anywhere, any time, and without warning. Make sure you and the people you care about are ready to get through by knowing the different ways to stay informed.

During the week we’ll be promoting the different ways people can stay informed during an emergency on our Facebook page – which radio stations to listen to, which website and social media to follow, the importance of getting to know your neighbours and checking if you can receive Emergency Mobile Alerts(available end of 2017).

You can also download the Red Cross Hazards app to receive emergency alerts in Christchurch.

Radio: If the power goes out, a solar or battery powered radio (or your car radio) can help you keep up to date with the latest news, In an emergency, tune to these stations:

  • Radio New Zealand
  • The Hits
  • NewstalkZB
  • MoreFM
  • Radio Live

Online: For local updates, follow Newsline on the Christchurch City Council website and the Christchurch CDEM Facebook page.

Know your neighbours: There’s strength in numbers. In an emergency, you can work with your neighbours to get through. Neighbourhood Support Groups bring local people together to create safe, supportive and connected communities. Join the Christchurch Gets Ready database here.

Emergency Mobile Alert (coming soon): Emergency Mobile Alert will be a new way of receiving information about emergencies in your area. If your life, health or property is in danger, Emergency Mobile Alerts can be sent to your mobile, without needing to sign up or download an app. Emergency Mobile Alert is expected to be available by the end of 2017.

Banks Peninsula Community Board Plan – The Banks Peninsula Community Board would like to present its Community Board Plan for 2017-19, which is the Board’s vision for the future of Banks Peninsula.   

Outcomes the Board would like to achieve. 
  • Our communities are prepared for the impacts and consequences of natural hazards and can responds and recover quickly.
  • Local communities are well-connected and supported by easily accessible community facilities.
  • Core infrastructure is provided, well-maintained and future-proofed.
  • The cultural, natural and built heritage of Banks Peninsula is acknowledged, valued and enhanced.
  • Visitors to Banks Peninsula enhance the local economy and sustain the natural, social and heritage environments.
  • Banks Peninsula is a viable place to live and work.
  • The Banks Peninsula environment is well-managed, sustained and enhanced.
This Plan will guide the Board’s:
  • Decisions on local activities, projects and facilities
  • Input into development of the Council’s service levels, budget, policies and strategies
  • Advocacy on behalf of communities
  • How the Board works with others who play a key role in the area

11 October – Wednesday – ECAN AND BANKS PENINSULA WATER ZONE COMMITTEE – On Wednesday’s, Peninsula residents can drop in to the Little River Service Centre to meet either Geoff Thompson, a Land Management Advisor or a Biodiversity Officer from Environment Canterbury to talk about ECan and Banks Peninsula Water Zone Committee matters.  Geoff will be in the office each Wednesday morning 9am to 1pm.

Geoff is working on a project to assist land owners adjacent to rivers along the Wairewa valley floor to find cost effective ways to remediate and reduce stream bank erosion.  Over the next month Geoff hopes to meet owners of banks damaged during storm events to discuss the proposal.

The Peninsula community is strongly committed to improving biodiversity and understanding its value and significance.  Land owners are welcome to meet and take about their desires to look after biodiversity areas on their properties.”>

for further information on Ecan here

The Tenancy Compliance and Investigations Team have greater powers to prosecute landlords who breach basic housing standards.  Read more here

Double DutchDOUBLE DUTCH – Karin Bos and Tineke van de Heide are living the dream on Banks Peninsula. The registered nurses, originally from the Netherlands, are also volunteer firefighters at the Little River brigade, they breed horses and run a market garden that provides seasonable vegetables for the local community.


Listen to them speaking on Country Life on Radio  NZ  here


To listen to Allison Evans speaking on Country Life on Radio  NZ  about the Little River Trap Library, Pest Control and the Living Classroom concept in the Okuti Valley Reserve listen here

6 May – Saturday – LITTLE RIVER GYMNASTICS first term date.  Will run for 9 weeks. Spaces are limited so please email Rebecca at   Preschool class 2 – 4 years.  9.00am to 9.45am.  $3.00Primary A Class 5 – 6 years.  10am to 10.45am. $5.00.  Primary B Class 7 – 9 years 11.00am – 11.45am.  $5.00.



CHAMPION CANTERBURY  BUSINESS AWARDS – Entries & Nominations now open for the 2017 Champion Canterbury Business Awards. The Awards recognise and celebrate, excellence, best practice, innovation and creativity in Canterbury businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

They are a great opportunity for businesses to increase their profile, gain recognition and celebrate their achievements.  Nominate a business or enter your own now.

Little River Wairewa Community Newsletter Read here

Big Ideas 1 BIG IDEAS FOR LITTLE RIVER – The Big Ideas  latest newsletter aimed at keeping the community up to date and actively involved is attached.

 The newsletter  lists the main projects that  have been  identified so far and gives everyone the opportunity to indicate which projects  they might be interested in helping progress. Through the Little River Big Ideas team we hope to be able to connect you with like-minded people with the will and the skills to make a contribution to our community. Alternatively,  email  and let them  know where your interests lie and giving your consent to sharing your contact details with other local people with similar interests.  The Big Ideas Team includes Pam Richardson and Tori Peden..

Little River Big Ideas                                                          Read Newsletter here             PowerPoint Presentation

Update on the Rating district work in Little River– Rating district – liaison meeting being set for mid March (date TBC). ECan River Engineers have responded to requests for tree clearance after isolated trees have fallen across the river over winter. Recent spraying of regrowth of the banks, focusing on willow re-sprouting has been undertaken. Main work on target areas programmed for March/April – dependant on landowner permission.  If you are interested come to the meeting in March.  Will advise the date.

Contact is Shaun McCracken at ECan Shaun McCracken

Wairewa / Lake Forsyth plan change to be operative

Plan Change 6 to the Canterbury Land & Water Regional Plan, covering the Wairewa / Lake Forsyth catchment, would be made operative on 1 February 2017.

DO YOU HAVE A STORY??? – COUNTRY LIFE – I would like to record some rural stories in the Little River area for our weekly Country Life programme.  It is just me and my sound device and stories normally go to air a few weeks later.  If you have a story to tell please contact me  Cosmo Kentish-Barnes, Producer, Country Life, 03 374 8444 / 027 206 5871


There are  two electric car chargers being installed in Little River.  Please follow the links for further information.

Promotion Rain Storage and Water Conservation – The City are undertaking a water conservation campaign starting mid Nov. Do you know of any good examples of people undertaking water conservation/rainwater harvesting on the Peninsula that could be profiled?

If so please contact Robert Burch –

Little River Growers – are you interested in joining the Akaroa Farmers Market?

The Akaroa Farmers Market is open October to April every Saturday morning from 9.30 to 1pm in the Madeira Hotel car park in Akaroa.  You can go every week or intermittent days depending on what produce you have available.

Minimal charge is 10% of your takings up to a maximum of $20. Currently this charge goes back into the Akaroa community via Heartlands. If Little River area joins then they will discuss letting the money from this group come back to our community.

You can share tables if there are a few of you who have small amounts, which would decrease your travel and time.

There are tables and chairs available for customers to sit and eat if they wish. At the moment there are crepes and white bait patties.  An example of things sold is olives, smoked salmon, seasonal vegges, pickles.

If you want further info please contact Jan by email



Are you new to the area or have you a new neighbour or know of some one  who has just moved in to Little River.   Please contact Jill on or  let us know on the “Leave a Reply ” area of the home page  with contact details  and  we will organise a Welcome to Little River Pack to be delivered.
We will need to know their name, address and when they moved in.
Email address would be good to if new resident would like to receive the Little River Community Newsletter and updates.   

The Little River School Principal Christian Couper and the Schools Trustee’s are looking at the possibility of using the school house as a Shared Workspace where business owners, freelance artists, employees or anyone needing a space to work away from home can work.
Anyone wanting to know more about work space, the requirements, the costs or have questions can contact Christian at the School.  There is a limit of five places and those not affiliated with the school can still make an inquiry.  Phone Little River School 3251 004

 Neighbourhood Support

Tony Quigley is the Coordinator for Okuti Valley and Reynolds Valley his address is as follows –  175 Okuti Valley Road, Phone 980 1071, email   

If you live in a different part of Little River  and  would like more information about a group in your area please contact Tori and/or Murray Peden Ph: 3251982  email

Tui Restoration ProjectBanks Peninsula Tui Restoration Project


Lots of success stories in the attached Newsletter for you to read.


P1020864NEW SIGN FOR LITTLE RIVER. A new Visitor Information Sign has been put up adjacent to the Historic Railway Station by the Cherry Blossom Trees with Information on the Christchurch to Little River Railtrail, the Local History of the Town, Lake Forsyth, Lake Ellesmere, Okuti Valley Reserve and Walking Tracks, Birdlings Flat and Kaitorete Spit.  It lights up at night.

SWIMMING – LITTLE RIVER SCHOOL POOL – Parents and Community can get keys via the school office.  You are required to sign a form (available from the school office or by email) and pay$75.00.  This includes a $20.00 bond if key returned at end of season.  Keys should not be shared and non key holders should not be swimming.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAThe 2016 Little River  Telephone Directory has been printed and is available from the Little River Service Centre for $10.00.  It has a bright orange cover and the proceeds from the sale of the directory go towards The Little River Jiu Jitsu Club.  A Big Thankyou to Jane and Mario Downes  for all their hard work on once again putting out this well used Directory for us all in Little River. They have been doing this since 1999.

New Members are encouraged to join either in the Junior or Senior Section of the Little River Jiu Jitsu Club.   Juniors meet on a Thursday from 4.30pm to 6pm and Seniors (16+) on Thursday also from 6.30pm to 8pm at the Little River Community Centre.

Please contact Todd Rogers on 027 444 0200 for further details.



Little River Rail TrailTell us about your experiences on the Little River Rail Trail.

The Christchurch to Little River Rail Trail Trust have provided a ‘QR code’ poster for Rail Trail users to provide feedback after they have done the trail. Scan the code on the attached poster or go to

Rail Trail Survey notice



“STOP THE CLOCK” SCULPTURE FOR LITTLE RIVER TOWNSHIP– Jane and Mario Downes  are looking for support from the Little River Community for the installation of their original  Sculpture on the corner of Highway 75 and Western Valley Road. This  site – on Council Land – has been chosen  as the 6 meter tall dandelions  would be visible  to travellers approaching Little River from four different directions.  With their own contribution of  $20,000.00 of their own personal expenses a remaining $30,000.00 still needs to be funded.  Jane and Mario feel the dandelion sculptures exemplify the lifestyle choices available in Little River – Living the Dream and finding Freedom -and have also offered to install and maintain the sculptures.
Anyone wanting more information, interested in getting involved or to make a donation contact them direct on 3251 132 or email

STOP TPPA MARCH IN LITTLE RIVER – Over 60 people joined together  in protest in Little River on Saturday 15th August 2015.

The Little River Rally got on the front page of the Christschurch Press. 




DECADES IN COLOUR – Greenstone TV is making an exciting three -part series telling New Zealand’s history from the inside out primarily through colour home film footage.

Decades in Colour will travel through three unforegettable decades of change – the 1950’s, 1960’s and1970’s revealing the big moments and the reality of life for ordinary Kiwis.

Using home colour footage, archived film footage and interviews with people involved in key events and everyday activities, this landmark series will capture what life was really like during those nostalgic years from the inside out. But we can’t do it without you.  So, the “Decades in Colour” Team is on a nationwide search for colour home footage from the ’50’s. 60’s and 70’s to help shape our documentary series and tell the story of a changing nation.  The series will be about what these decades were like for ordinary Kiwis.

We’d love to fine colour footage of both important  and domestic events throughout the country. It could be rural or urban, feature music, politics, engineering, science, building horticultural events.  Think, the Lions tour, the Beatles arriving, anti-war protests, the Nelson cyclone, sons and fathers going off to war.

But we also want your stories of everyday life – the beach, picnics, A&P Show, skateboarding, parties, bands, fashion, protests, anything that evokes the times or has a great story behind it.

Please contact us if you have any personal, colour home footage that could be a part of a television series committed to showing the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s as they realy were.

Email for any leads

DUCK SHOOTING SEASON OPENED 2 May and runs for three months.   A License must be obtained from Fish and Game New Zealand every season .  Restrictions  apply.


We have a small fund which is available to provide some financial support for people who have cancer or are undergoing cancer treatment by way of  donations for petrol, meals and other. We are are a  group of volunteers that generate funds locally for residents who may have cancer from Kaituna, Birdlings Flat area, Little River up to the Hilltop.
Inquiries to Fiona Waghorn 3290171 or Mondays at Wairewa Heart 3251313.
Please note we are not part of the Cancer Society their helpline is: 0800 226 237.  

The Trust has just published its new walking resources which include the new website  which gives a complete overview of all the walks available on Banks Peninsula.

A hard copy reference book with the same information and three brochures giving details of walks in the Akaroa area. This is the first time that all the information on walks on Banks Peninsula is available to walkers in one place and we are all extremely grateful to Suky Thompson and the Rod Donald Trust for this huge undertaking. You can purchase individual copies of the brochures, an A4 size copy of the reference book or view a large copy of the Reference Book at the Little River Visitor Centre located in the Waiting Room of the Little River Railway Station. Email . The Saddle Hill Walk just out of Little River is in the Greater Banks Peninsula Walks Brochure. $2.00 from the Little River Visitor Centre. Amazing 360 degree views from the trig Station at the top of the walk.



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