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Kaituna Golf Club



Jones Road (Gravel Road). Little River.

Kaituna Golf Club is open for Casual Players

 Green Fees are $15.00


Club Captain – Malcolm Ussher

Secretary – Winna Harvey

Treasurer – Mark Waller

Robin Hood Cup = Diane Turpin  Mark Smith
Fisher Cup = Bob Cole
Watson Cup = Mal Ussher & Bernie Lyons
Anderson Cup = Andrew Wylie
Aorangi Salver = Gerald Neal & John Marsh
Wilson Cup = John Marsh
Takamina Cup = Wayne Newton
Hossack Salver = Mark Neal
Waitangi Rosebowl = Tui Cummings
Senior Champs = Peter Miller
Intermediate  = Sandy McIntosh
Junior A = Ian Harvey
Swampy Flog = Mark Smith

Club Day Sunday. Draw 11.50am. Tee Off Noon.

Match Fees $4.00 per game, includes 2’s. If a birdie game is included an extra $1.00 is to be paid by all wishing to take part.

Ladies Club Day Tuesday , Thursday if wet. Draw 9.50am. Tee off at 10am.
Match fees $2.00per game of the day.
Membership May 2014 Men $200.00. Ladies $190.00. Juniors $10.00.
Summer Membership (Nov 2014 to May 2015 $90.00.

Contact Secretary Winna Harvey

Phone 3488206

KAITUNA GOLF CLUB DAY is Sunday with Tee Off at noon.  Further information from Mark Smith Ph 3251 007 or Mark Walker Phone 3290 989.  Kaituna Golf Course is open and the Green Fees are $15.00. Men’s Membership Club Fees $180.00.  Golf Club Rooms available for hire.  New Members Welcome

KAITUNA GOLF CLUB – Jones Road, Birdlings Flat.  Tuesday is Ladies Day. Tee off at 10.00am.  Thursday if wet. Contact Trish Manson.  Phone 3251 153.  New Ladies very welcome. Ladies Membership Club Fees $170.00.  Juniors $10.00

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