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To promote the sustainable development of the Lake Wairewa and Southern Bays catchments, plan, fund, develop and establish facilities which contribute to the social, cultural, environmental or economic wellbeing of residents or visitors to that area'.




November – LITTLE RIVER COMMUNITY BREAKFAST.  Held annually 9.00am to 12 noon at the Banks Peninsula Rugby Club Rooms, Awa-iti Domain, Little River.

The Little River Community join us for a delicious free breakfast with a selection of hot and cold food. A chance to catch up with friends, neighbours and family.

This year we incorporated the   Little River Wairewa BUSINESS EXPO showcasing local business people.  The CCC provided a Little River Playground Update, Pony’s2Go Rides for the children and the Little River Wairewa Community Trusts Games Trailer.

20 November – Friday  – DRUM FESTIVAL GIG at Okuti Hall from 7pm- 10.30pm.  The Drum and Dance Festival present-  Reed Street Posse and Chicha Creatures.  Chicha Creature headline the Friday night with Reed St Posse, from all the way down the road and around the corner. They’re here to intrigue and inform you .. bringing the key tips to navigating small town New Zealand in style. Brace your undies my friends its soul funk comedy at its most colloquial.

ChiCha Creatures describe their music as ‘Crossing the dimensions of Peruvian rhythms with playful electric guitar and imaginative vocal characters reminiscent of Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart, Chicha Creature invite you into a magical dance party full of marvelous monsters, happy hooligans, and a sneaky shaman

This is a free concert for locals thanks to the Little River Wairewa Community Trust.  Kid friendly and BYO.

 21 November-  Saturday – YURT PARTY at the  Okuti Old School – The Drum and Dance Festival presents Yurt Party- 7.30pm -10.30pm .  Another free evening concert for locals and Drum Festival Guests with a  $10 door charge for others.
Embrace the east-European-meets-dubby-roots sound of Yurt Party, clap hands to seething Romani and Balkan rhythms, sigh to haunting violin melodies, and feel the percussive beat shake the floorboards. The Christchurch based band have had people dancing at markets, in bars, outdoors under the sun and hitting it off at house parties!
Thanks to the Little River Wairewa Community Trust for making this a free event for Little River residents.

Bruce KingBruce King received an award from Volunteering Canterbury for Recognition for Outstanding Volunteer Contribution to the Community  for his incredible  work In creating and maintaining the Coronation Library Garden. Bruce was nominated for this award by the Little River Wairewa Community Trust.   He also mows the lawn and cares for the garden in front of the Little River Community Centre and beautified the Awa-iti Domain by organising  hundreds of daffodil bulbs  for the Little River School Children to plant over several years..  These now give us all a lot of pleasure when they flower each spring.  With tireless energy Bruce has also  commenced tidying up the grounds at St Andrews Church by pruning back the overgrown trees and seeing the lawn in front of the  coronation library was not being kept up to scratch has commenced mowing that too.

Bruce is now retired and says it is nice now that he has more spare time  to be able to give back to the Community.  Bruce would love to see other people in other Communities taking the lead in looking after their own parks and Domains to keep them in a state everybody can be proud of.

Well done Bruce we all appreciate the work you do.  Photo shows Bruce receiving his award from Ruth Dyson. 


Easter Egg Hunt 1 Easter Egg Hunt 3 EASTER EGG HUNTEveryone enjoyed the event and it was nice to see the children sitting around after wards chatting to their friends and eating their eggs. Same with the adults were quite happy standing around catching up with each other. It was about 4 before the last people left.

There were plenty of  eggs to go around. Eggs were  donated by the Love Little River Group  and  Little River Wairewa Community Trust.. Think the Easter Egg Hunt can stand on its own as an event when Easter is late in April with its own poster and advertising. Happy though to be part of the Old School Event as on a nice day works really well.


We had a good day at the Pumpkin Festival on Sunday and even though it got a bit damp at times we had lots of visitors whoBig Ideas 7 were interested in the displays, the Big Ideas for Little River plans, including the two Village Walks and covering the drain in the town.

There were displays by The Little River Trap Library, The Little River Railway Station Trust, Birdlings Flat Community Centre, Living Streams Community Nursery, Banks Peninsula Walking Festival and the Big Ideas Projects.Big Ideas 3


Anneliese sold lots of plants from the display for the Living Streams Community Nursery and Janet stands by the Award the Council has just received for supporting Community Led projects like the Little River Big Ideas.

le race sausage sizzleLE RACE PETITE SAUSAGE SIZZLE – We had a good day in the Little River Awa iti Domain for the Le Race Petite finish line. Great to see the young cyclists get their prizes.

Beaut weather and our Junior Cricket Boys playing in the Domain added to the atmosphere.

Sausages and carrot cake appreciated by us all. Congratulations to all the cyclists. Awesome achievement.  It was good to have the presence of the Trust at this event.  The Little River Community Trust tent with Little River words  and promoting our website gave an official feel to the finalists finishing at the domain and a back drop to the prize giving.

Okuti26 August – Sunday – The OFFICIAL LAUNCH of the OKUTI RIVER PROJECT   –  at the Okuti Valley Hall. 12 noon for a free lunch and then into planting 1000 small trees and shrubs.   We will have deputy mayor Andrew Turner, Ecan Chair Steve Lowndes and Iaean Creswell to officially open the project.   If you can bring your own spade and gloves it would be appreciated  and bring some gumboots.   A great opportunity to celebrate spring and catch up with friends and neighbours, so please invite them.

For catering purposes, please indicate if you will attend, with any dietary considerations, ie gluten free, vegetarian etc. to Marcus Peunenter email or  phone 325 1014 or   Alison Evans 3251-336


Book LaunchMiriama Kamo launched her children’s book “The Stolen Stars of Matariki” on Sunday the 8th, at the  Birdlings Flat Community Hall. She shared with us how impossible it felt to write the book until she (at the very last moment) decided to situate the story’s PLACE at…Birdling ‘s Flat involving her whānau (family). Birdlings Flat is Miriama’s beloved childhood home and both her parents were in attendance.   With her unique story and exceptional delivery, the consensus amongst the  community and visitors alike, was that Miriama and her unique story for the stars of Matariki afforded everyone  attending the  experience of being a part of whānau Marama (family of light) that will never dim, or be stolen from  amongst us.

Thank you Miriama for being a guiding light and gifting us a fine example of how  community fostersMiriama exceptional creativity and new life to our ancient mythologies.  Interestingly, though Maori call this cluster of stars Matariki, the ancient Greeks called them the Pleiades and they have been known since antiquity to cultures all around the world, including the Celts,  Aboriginal Australians (from several traditions), the Persians, the Arabs (who called them Thurayya), the  Chinese (who called them  昴 m ǎ o), the Quechua, the Japanese (who called them Subaru), the Maya, the  Aztec, the Sioux and the Cherokee. In Hinduism, the Pleiades are known as  Krittika and are associated with the war-god Kartikeya. They are also mentioned three times in the Bible  (see- Thankyou Barb Gaeth for organising the event,  Bonnie  Schenkel and Lexi Stroh for the fabulous afternoon tea and the Little River Wairewa Community Trust for sponsoring the Event

Brainwave TrustBRAINWAVE TRUST TALK – Unravelling the Adolescent Brain.  An informative, entertaining presentation where the audience  gained an understanding of the latest information on brain changes and hence the behaviours we observe as a child transitions through adolescence to an adult.

The  information is entirely based on up-to-date scientific medical research. Our work is scientific and evidence based, our message is positive and is important to our whole community.  A large crowd enjoyed the presentation on the 22 August 2018 at the Rugby Club Rooms. The talk  was put on by the Little River Play centre and  organised by Vanessa Mitchel and sponsored by the Little River Wairewa Community Trust.  Entry by gold coin donation.


Old School at the Old School EasterEaster Sunday –   OLD SCHOOL AT THE OLD SCHOOL – An afternoon of ‘old school’ dance music supplied by local legend DJ Defender.  Tug of war, Egg and spoon race, Sack Races and an Easter Egg/Bunny Hunt at 2.00pm.  A family Event. Open to all in the Community.  FREE!!!!

DANCE MUSIC.  Local DJ’s Defender, Matt, Demo Crew DJ, Litelicks vs Purple Stu. If you’re stuck for something to do on a sunny Easter Sunday afternoon come down to Okuti Valley Old School for this free community event, organised by Love Little River. 1pm to 6pm.

Put on by the Love Little River Group, Coordinated by Marcus  Puentener  Weather dependant – Contact Marcus on 3251 014 .    Event Sponsored by the Banks Peninsula Community Board and the Easter Egg Hunt by the Little River Wairewa Community Trust


This event was held on the 5 November at the Banks Peninsula Rugby Club Rooms in Awa iti Domain.  Around 200 community members, friends, families and neighbours were treated with a delicious breakfast choice of pancakes, cream, berries, fresh fruit, pastries, cereals, yoghurt, sausages, bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns. Tea, coffee and fruit juice were also available. Thanks to our wonderful Trustees and helpers, breakfast choices were continually topped up, so the full range of food was available throughout the morning.  To read the full  report go here.  COMMUNITY BREAKFAST 2017


Christmas Community PicnicThis event was held on the 19 December  and organised to allow parents and families to comechristmas picnic and relax for an afternoon after a busy lead-up to Christmas.

Even though the weather was overcast and cool it was awesome to see many families come along. Almost 100 adults and children enjoyed an afternoon of social relaxation and entertainment. BBQ’s were made available for those families who wished to stay for tea.

Community Christmas Gathering Event Report 19th December 2015


Mutual Ground CeremonyAfter many ‘committee’ meetings and a few last minute changes, this event ran smoothly and successfully. on the 6 December 2016.  Close to 85 residents from Birdlings Flat and Little River turned up to be part of the land Blessing in preparation for the contractors coming in and building the new Community centre. In disregard of the weather forecast, a beautiful day shone above the event with very little wind!


Mutual Ground Ceremony Event Report Dec 6th 2015


COMBAT CHALLENGEThis was a well-planned day with several ‘stations’ set up that the cadets worked through in COMBAT CHALLENGE 2teams – knots, ladders, first aid, navigation, hoses – fire-fighting, rescue holds and drill.

This event was hosted by the Little River Wairewa Community Trust and organised by the Little River Emergency Cadets. This was a great collaboration of community groups coming together to provide opportunity and experience for our youth and community members.

Cadet and Community Combat Challenge 29th November 2015


roller discoOn Sunday 22nd November, Ingrid from Phatsk8 Roller Disco ventured out and spent theroller disco 2 afternoon in Little River with her skates and music.

The afternoon was split into 3 sessions to ensure that there was safe skating for ALL ages.

Although numbers for the preschool session were low, the children who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves and all received a balloon each. Ingrid has special skates for the younger ones as well as scooter bikes for the very young.


Roller Disco Event Report 22nd November 2015 


Adrenalin Forest 2What an amazing exhilarating day this was!!!Adrenalin Forest

A mix of 39 Little River/Birdlings Flat adults and children met at Adrenalin Forest in Christchurch for what was for most, a very challenging and rewarding day 

Instructors harnessed everyone up and demonstrated the double click system to ensure that all climbers were safe. It was impossible to release both harness clips at the same time until the very end!
The ropes started off 1m above ground level slowing climbing to 25m amongst the tree tops. There were different challenges though everyone was encouraged to start off at level one to begin with. It was clear very early on who the ‘monkeys’ were as they very quickly ascended the climbing challenges.

Adrenalin Forest Event Report 15th November 2015

                                                             LITTLE RIVER TRAP LIBRARY

Allison at the Trap Library

Allison Evans has established a Trap Library where members of the Trap Library

Community can come and borrow for free the appropriate trap for opossums, rats, stoats, weasels and wild cats.  The eradication of these pests helps with the restoration of native birds and our native forests.

The Trap Library is open on the 2nd Sunday of the Month between 10- 12 noon. 

Go down the drive to the Toy Library at the Okuti Valley Sport and Recreation Club. 



Kids Fest 2Each year in July  Little River runs its own Kids Fest Kids Fest PhotoHoliday Programme.  Marcus Puentener and Fiona Waghorn put together a marvellous programme full of workshops, parties and outdoor activities.  From Skate Skool, Circus Skills, Zombie Parties, Craft Workshops and Scary Slippery Mudslides –  there is something for any child to learn and have fun at.

Zombie Party, Black Friday zombie make up party for the young at heart, Cooking marshmallows around the bonfire


pump trackA Pump Track for the under 12 year olds has been created behind the Goods Shed adjacent to the Children’s Playground in Little River.  Nick Singleton, Marcus Puentener and lots of help from parents in the community has helped with this neat facility for the young ones to have fun on with their bikes. 

The building of the Track was part of the 2014 Little River Kids Fest Programme organised by Marcus Puentener.


Over 100 Protestors gathered 29 June 2014 at 11am prepared to shovel gravel to rebuild the causeway between Birdlings Flat and Bossu Road. Thankfully the Causeway had already been rebuilt.

Shovel Protest

sHOVEL Protest









Sand Bags for Little River Flood Victims

SandBags for Little RiverA very keen group of locals with help from a crew from Corrections managed to bag all the sand in 2hours this afternoon. A good 400+ bags being filled.

Marcus says Thanks to everyone that helped today, it was an awesome effort.





Pa Road Planting and Landscaping

Community Planting DayEarthquake Memorial - Pa Road

An earthquake memorial has been built on Pa Road and picture

shows Geoff, John, Annelise and Bryan relaxing after a planting session on Pa Road.


Te Oka Bay Walk with Nick SingletonLittle River joined with Lyttelton and Akaroa to put on some Te Oka Bay Walk with Nick Singleton (2)local walks.   There were walks to Te Oka  Bay with Nick Singleton, to Mania Habitat with Marcus Puentener, A walk through the Hukahuka Turoa Covenant with Case Pekelharing and a Little  River Heritage Walk with Sandra Tuckwell and Jane Hoult. 

Picture show Nick Singleton waiting for his Walkers at the “Station” in Little River.

walking fest 2014 – projectlyttelton

Mini Plan for Little River

The Little River Wairewa Community Trust and the CCC commissioned a report to identify the range of issues and options facing the Little River Settlement. The aim to find out what is important to the community and explore ways to make progress on these issues. Dr Suzanne Vallance presented her findings at a Community Meeting on 20 August.

From this meeting local members of the community are asked to let the Christchurch City Council know what is important to them personally for Little River. Scoping Little River Issues and Options 1 Oct


 The Living Springs Community Nursery has been moved to its new location behind the Little River Service Centre.  Bryan Morgan has organised the building of the new Nursery and it is just fantastic.  The Nursery had its official opening on Labour Weekend 2014 as part of the Flower Power Garden Tour and is open to sell plants on a Wednesday from 9 – 3pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm.   If you would like to help with the Nursery please phone Annelies Pekelharing on 3251 229.  The Nursery is run by volunteers, non profit.  We supply locally sourced native trees, grasses and herbaceous plants.  Orders taken.  New volunteers welcome





6 Special Event Weekends including the A&P Show, Curious Places and Spaces, Scarey Slippery Mudslide Challenge, Waitangi Day Picnic, Little River Walking Weekend, Okuti Garden Wellbeing Weekend, and The Little River Drum Festival.  Marcus Peuntener did an amazing job of organizing and coordinating these events and also in producing a colourful  promotional brochure that put Little River on the map.  The Summer Festival has been organised for thelast two years in 2013 and 2014. 

Summer Festival brochure 2013 2

Summer Festival brochure 2013 3



Community Breakfast 2014 pdf





Seniors Hui 2014 1The Seniors Hui is held annually at the Marae in Little River.  The first Seniors HuiSeniors Hui 2014 was held in 2010 and was the brainchild of Kaite Hansen and Pam Baird who saw there was a need for an event to allow the Seniors of the Wairewa – Little River Community to get together to renew old friendships and talk over happy times shared together.  This year 80 people came and enjoyed the day.  Numbers were a bit down on previous years but it was a very cold day and did clash with another local function in Kaituna.

Lunch is catered for by the members of the Little River Playcentre.



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