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BANKS PENINSULA YOUTH CRICKET SECTION  – Two Awards for 2015-1016 Season

Fielder of the Year: Samuel Boyle.

Bowler of the Year:  Michael Ford

Batsman of the Year:  Arjay Roffey

All-Rounder (Cricketer) of the Year:  James Moore.

A brilliant season all but one of the squad were in their first year of “Hard Ball” and stepped up with 7 wins from the 18 games we played,  Some wonderful moments, good laughs (that will always stay on the pitch) and great cricket.

Well done Jamie M, Arjay R, Michael F, Lewis F, Samuel B, Sam S, Joshua B, Eli M, Theo M, Manu M, Ed L, Finn O, Quinn L, Emile R, William D, Rowan L, Tia R and Mia C.  It has been a pleasure and looking forward to next year.

Written by Bob Fowler.


Banks Peninsula Junior Cricket Team.  Little River.  Contact Nicky Ford 3251 114.

Copyright © 2012 by Bryan Morgan for the Little River-Wairewa Community Trust